This is the only documenting the default @tamagui/config tokens that power this site, you are free to create your own token system with more refined logical underpinning.

Understanding the size scale

Most design systems use exponential scaling (2, 4, 8, 16, etc.). A lot of people ask why Tamagui doesn't.

Tamagui adopts a hybrid of more gradual increases below 10, before going exponential after 10. This hybrid approach is motivated by allowing designs to have a much more usable range of components.

Aligning all the keys

We align every token group and font group to use the same 1-16 keys so that a size 2 Button will look good with a size 2 spacing, a 2 Icon, and size 2 Text inside of it.

Quantum scale ($0.25, $0.5, $0.75)

The natural scale starts at 1, but Tamagui has three exponentially decreasing tokens below 1 for all token groups, with 0.25 often rounding to 1.

Natural scale ($1-$10)

For sizes 1 to 10, Tamagui increases more gradually. This yields a nice variety of sizes, with $2 being a great tiny UI, $4 is "average", $5 and $6 being give you two very usable emphasized sizes, and 7 and above are great for more occasional CTA/hero type things.

Super-natural scale

Tamagui switches to an exponential scale from sizes 11 to 16 so you still get some nice chunky sizes.