Create Tamagui App

Get started with a helpful template

Set up a starter repo with expo, webpack, and Tamagui configured and ready to go:


npm create tamagui

Check out the source of the starter app template .

A big shout out to Fernando Rojo  for creating Solito , a great library for sharing all your views between Expo and Next.js, and the bootstrap repo we borrowed from.

Starting out

To run the app:

cd myapp
yarn dev

📦 Included packages

  • tamagui for cross-platform views, themes and animations
  • solito for cross-platform navigation
  • Expo SDK 47
  • Next.js 13
  • React Navigation 6

🗂 Folder layout

  • apps entry points for each app

    • expo
    • next
  • packages shared packages across apps

    • app you'll be importing most files from app/
      • features (don't use a screens folder. organize by feature.)
      • provider (all the providers that wrap the app, and some no-ops for Web.)
      • navigation Next.js has a pages/ folder. React Native doesn't. This folder contains navigation-related code for RN. You may use it for any navigation code, such as custom links.

You can add other folders inside of packages/ if you know what you're doing and have a good reason to.

🏁 Start the app

  • Install dependencies: yarn

  • Next.js local dev: yarn web

    • Runs yarn next
  • Expo local dev: yarn native

    • Runs expo start

🆕 Add new dependencies

Pure JS dependencies

If you're installing a JavaScript-only dependency that will be used across platforms, install it in packages/app:

cd packages/app
yarn add date-fns
cd ../..

Native dependencies

If you're installing a library with any native code, you must install it in apps/expo:

cd apps/expo
yarn add react-native-reanimated
cd ../..

You can also install the native library inside of packages/app if you want to get autoimport for that package inside of the app folder. However, you need to be careful and install the exact same version in both packages. If the versions mismatch at all, you'll potentially get terrible bugs. This is a classic monorepo issue. I use lerna-update-wizard to help with this (you don't need to use Lerna to use that lib).