Tamagui Props

All props supported on base Tamagui components.

Tamagui supports a superset of the React Native props. Start with:

From there, we add style props directly onto the same object.

Finally, there are a few non-style props Tamagui adds:


  • animation


    Apply an animation as defined in your createTamagui configuration.

  • animateOnly


    A list of properties to animate. Note that flat transforms can only be controlled via `transform`.

  • theme


    Apply a theme or sub-theme to this component and the components below it.

  • themeInverse


    Invert light or dark theme for the sub-tree.

  • themeShallow


    Used in combination with the theme prop, it prevents the theme from passing to children.

  • className


    Web Only: An escape hatch to set className. This works fully with the compiler, which will concat your defined className with its generated ones.

  • tag


    Web Only: Renders the final element as the given tag. Note: React Native Web doesn't support tag and as such if using any animation driver except CSS the tag prop will stop working. We'd recommend using "role" for most cases.

  • space

    boolean | string | TamaguiConfig['space']

    Deprecated, use gap instead - Spacing is built into Tamagui and can accept a number or Token.space value. This will filter out any nullish child elements and insert a spacer components between the remaining elements.

  • spaceDirection

    'horizontal' | 'vertical' | 'both'



    Deprecated - By default the space inserted is a square, but if you set it to horizontal it will be 0px tall, vertical will be 0px wide.

  • debug

    boolean | 'verbose' | 'break'

    When set Tamagui will output a variety of helpful information on how it parsed and applied styling. Verbose will output more information, and break will hit a debugger at the start of render in development mode.

  • asChild

    boolean | "except-style"

    When true, Tamagui expects a single child element. Instead of rendering its own element, it will pass all props to that child, merging together any event handling props. When "except-style", the same behavior except Tamagui won't pass styles down from the parent, only non-style props.

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