Design system library ♥️ optimizing compiler ♥️ UI kit
  • Create React Native and web apps at the same time with the @tamagui/core and the styled() function that supports fully typed design systems, variants, and more. Use it as a lightweight library to build your a complete UI kit with design system on top of React Native and React Native web.

  • Add the @tamagui/static compiler for partial analysis of all types of common JSX patterns, pulling logic and styling out of your render functions, and often flattening your React tree for significant performance gains.

  • If you like it, add the highly customizable tamagui UI Kit for building full-featured app interfaces right out of the box. Featuring powerful, themable components that scale across every size in your design system. Enjoy Radix-like composable component APIs that always visually adapt properly to each platform.



Inline typed theme and media props accompany useTheme and useMedia hooks, so you have everything you need to build truly cross-platform UIs without sacrificing DX or performance.

SSR and Server Components

Tamagui fully supports cross-browser server-side rendering (see how we do it with Next.js ), even for themes, responsive styles and variants. It has beta support for React Server Components.


Variants as a first-class citizen, so you can design composable component APIs. Define a single variant, multiple variants, and even Spread Variants which allow you to return dynamic styles, even at compile-time.


Shorthands allow you to map shorthand properties to their longer cousins. This lets you create Tailwinds-like quick properties to style. These work with TypeScript as well, and are designed so you can bring them with you across different tamagui component kits.


Define your own tokens and seamlessly apply them as CSS values. CSS Properties are automatically mapped to token scales. Tokens can even be used in shorthand CSS properties.


Tamagui has powerful theming. Create as many themes as you need, and apply them wherever you want. Each theme generates a CSS class name which overrides the default tokens.

Media Queries

Tamagui lets you configure media queries and apply variants responsively using $ props.


Plug-in animations with incredibly simple syntax.


A unique font system means you can publish and share font bundles including all their styles, vertical rhythms and all, and still get all the benefits of compilation speed.


Tamagui provides a fully-typed API so all your TypeScript style properties, values, media queries and shorthands will be auto-completed for you. It provides a // debug pragma and debug prop that both allow easy introspection into whats happening at compile and runtime. In dev mode it puts a data- attribute that links every DOM node back to your original source.



We're excited to see the community adopt Tamagui, raise issues, and provide feedback. Whether it's a feature request, bug report, or a project to showcase, please get involved!



A big thanks to:

  • JSXStyle  for providing the original version of the compiler.
  • Modulz  for the bones of the website and inspiration on some Radix-like component APIs.
  • Moti  for the foundation of the reanimated driver.
  • Framer Motion  for the AnimatePresence functionality.