Tamagui UI

A suite of OSS components for all React platforms.

Each individual component includes installation instructions and can be installed independently, but you can also use all of the components via:

yarn add tamagui


One thing to understand is that tamagui is a superset of @tamagui/core, so if you've already set up core, you'll want to actually replace every reference of "@tamagui/core" with "tamagui", including removing the core dependency altogether from your package.json.

When you replace everything with tamagui, you'll get a slightly more helpful TamaguiProvider that sets up a root portal for your various toasts, dialogs, and modals which you'll need to add to the highest point in your app, replacing the core provider if you use it already:

import { TamaguiProvider, View } from 'tamagui'
export default () => (
<TamaguiProvider config={yourConfig}>
<View />

Other than that, there's a large amount of optional configuration through createTamagui that is documented in the Core Installation docs.

You are all set!