Fulfillment Policies


Tamagui LLC will deliver to you access to a Github repository that contains the Takeout stack code. This code includes all the functionality to build and ship apps using Tamagui on React Native, supporting the most recent two versions of iOS and Android, as well as building and shipping websites that support Chrome, Safari, and Firefox versions released within the last two years. You also get access to a CLI which can install fonts from Google Fonts, and icons from icones.js.org.

Returns and Refunds

Takeout is not able to be returned as it is digital software. For this reason we have a limited return policy in order to protect ourselves from abuse.

Within the first 48 hours of your purchase, email us at support@tamagui.dev with any issues you have with Takeout not working as advertised. We support all Takeout features listed on https://tamagui.dev/takeout, and if any are not working well we are happy to refund you.

We highly recommend trying out the free starter before committing to Tamagui, we think it provides a good idea of the base structure of Takeout.


The Takeout subscription is yearly at the rate of the purchase price. It will keep your access to the Takeout Github repository, as well as to updates via the TakeoutBot Github Bot. You may cancel this at any time from your account by going to Subscriptions and then hitting "Cancel," or you can email us at support@tamagui.dev.

For any further questions send us an email.